Why stop at Carbon Neutral when you can go Climate Positive..?

Go Climate Positive...

“Go Climate Positive” is a community dedicated to helping businesses take positive steps to tackle the climate emergency.

Do you want to make your business eco-friendly but are unsure of what will make a real difference?

Do you want to tell your customers what you're doing to go green but are worried about "greenwashing"?

Are you looking for advice and support to help keep you moving in the right direction?

If so, we can help you to;

  • Calculate and offset your carbon footprint
  • Keep your plans to reduce your footprint on track
  • Inform your customers honestly about your efforts
  • Pay it forward to “Go Climate Positive”
I'm a business owner who wants to do my bit to help alleviate the climate emergency rather than contribute towards it.

When I started to look into it I found a lot of conflicting advice and a lot of noise about "green" initiatives that will have at best a tiny benefit or at worst a negative impact.

"Go Climate Positive" was born from my desire to take an objective look at the climate impact of my business, to focus on doing the things that will reduce that impact the most and to tell my customers about my commitment transparently and honestly.

If you're looking for help to do the same thing in your business then you're in the right place  Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to visit.

Eoin McQuone

How can we help?

Do Carbon Footprint

Understand the carbon footprint of all your activities in detail

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Choose which improvement activities to do first based on which will have the biggest impact.

Go Carbon Neutral

Buy carbon credits, offsetting your carbon footprint to go carbon neutral.

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Help and Advice

Get help to choose and stay on track with your footprint reduction projects.

Go Climate Positive

Be more good, not just less bad, by helping others to reduce their emissions.

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Show Commitment

Tell your customers openly and honestly about your efforts to reduce and offset your footprint.

Why Carbon Footprint?

Here are 5 great reasons for calculating your carbon footprint.

  1. You get a measurable number, so you can understand whether your impact is increasing or reducing.
  2. A full carbon footprint covers all of the activities of your business. You get a detailed breakdown of your footprint so you can prioritise improvement activities.
  3. You can see how you compare with other businesses in your sector
  4. You know you're offsetting the right amount of CO2 equivalent.
  5. From April 2020 all large companies must by law include a basic carbon footprint in the annual return under the SECR regulations. Even if you're not a large company yet, this is a chance to get ahead of the curve.

Knowing your Carbon Footprint gives you an objective basis for decision making and a transparent way to communicate.

Why Go Positive?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tells us that we need to go Carbon Neutral by 2050 to avoid irreversible change to our climate. Change like this is not quick or easy which is why we are now in a Climate Emergency.

"Carbon Neutral" (or "Net Zero" which is the same thing) means that the overall global warming effect of the greenhouse gas emissions we create is zero. In other words, when we reach that point we will no longer be contributing towards accelerating climate change.

This is an important step to take, however at "Go Climate Positive" we don’t believe in simply being “less bad”, we want to be “more good”. So we want to encourage you to go a step further and create positive change by helping your suppliers and customers to reduce their emissions too. We call this your "Carbon Handprint" because it's what you're giving back to the planet.

"Go Climate Positive" is all about helping businesses respond positively to the Climate Emergency.

Will it help my business?

Positively addressing the climate emergency isn't just the right thing to do to safeguard our future, it's also good for business.

  • In recent surveys, 73% of consumers said they actively chose brands that are doing environmental or social good and 77% of businesses said that a supplier's environmental record is an important part of their buying decision.
  • Almost everything you do to reduce your carbon footprint, whether by cutting energy use or reducing waste will reduce costs in the medium-long term.
  • The legal, financial and commercial environments are changing rapidly and the businesses that fail to address the climate emergency positively risk falling foul of the law, will find it increasingly difficult to access finance and risk becoming obsolete.
Going Climate Positive is an investment that can help you grow sales, lower costs and manage risk.


There are 3 levels of membership that you can achieve as you green your business
Level 1 Carbon Footprint

We calculate your full carbon footprint across up to 23 categories of activity, helping you target improvements where they can have the most impact.

See emissions categories.

You get a badge to add to your website and emails that links to your own certification page that tells your customers all about your footprint, and the work you're doing to reduce and offset it.

See an example.
Level 2 Carbon Neutral

We always encourage you to reduce your footprint, however we realise that Rome wasn't built in a day so in the meantime we help you offset your footprint though buying carbon credits.

Carbon credits reduce emissions elsewhere to the same level as your footprint so that your business becomes Carbon Neutral.

We only use credits that have been independently verified by the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard, so you can be confident that the emission reductions are real.

Level 3 Climate Positive

We don’t believe in simply being “less bad”, we want to be “more good”. This idea is the heart of “Go Climate Positive”.

So we want to reward you for taking positive steps to help other businesses and consumers to reduce their emissions too.

  • Working with suppliers and customers to reduce their emissions,
  • Reusing or recycling materials and products
  • Developing and selling low-carbon products
  • Introducing other businesses to Go Climate Positive

All these activities are positive contributions that can lead to “Climate Positive” status.

Certification Page

Informing your customers about what you are doing to become more eco-friendly in an open and honest way can be really hard.

We think it's important to be transparent, so we help you publish your carbon footprint and tell your customers what you are doing to reduce it and offset it by creating a unique certification page. for your business.

See an example.


Greening your business can be tough at times, so we are building a community designed to support and encourage you every step of the way.


Our sustainability mentors are always on hand for help and advice. They also host a monthly drop-in video conference.

Peer Support Groups

We know a problem shared is a problem halved, so we connect you with like-minded businesses in a Peer Support Group with your own private discussion board.

Here you can share experiences and best practice tips and help keep each other accountable to your reduction targets.

Training and Events

We also run optional meet-ups and training events to ensure you get all the support you need.


We believe in openness and honesty, so our membership fees are simple and transparent too.


Each year we calculate your carbon footprint for the previous year, send you a badge and create your certification page. We then help you set realistic carbon reduction targets and offset the rest to go Carbon Neutral. Your fee includes membership of a Peer Support Group, monthly Video Conference, Mentor support and access to Training and Events.

£795 per year or

£79 per month

<10 employees
<£2m turnover
1 facility


£995 per year or

£99 per month

10-49 employees
£2-10m turnover
1 facility


£1395 per year or

£139 per month

50-249 employees
£10-50m turnover
1-2 facilities


£talk to


>250 employees
>£50m turnover
>2 facilities

Carbon Credits

If you want to go Carbon Neutral you will probably need to buy some carbon credits to offset your footprint. The price of offsetting will depend on the size of your footprint.

Buying renewable energy and helping your suppliers and customers to reduce their emissions can all reduce the amount of offsetting you need to do.

We can't tell you what it will cost until we've calculated your footprint, However to give you a very rough idea here are some "typical" estimates...


Estimate per £million turnover

Transport & Storage








Accommodation & food services


Human health and social work activities


Other service activities


How to get started

If you're interested in membership or just would like to learn more do please get in touch. Here are some ways you can do it.


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I cannot recommend Eoin’s services highly enough. It is the start of the process/journey for us but we are confident going forward knowing that we can draw on Eoin’s expertise. He is a great guy to do business with and I’m very proud to say we are a ‘carbon neutral’ business – thank you Eoin.

 - Matt & Emma Busby, Name Label Company.


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